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By Far The Biggest Secret In Pool Is What I Call The
Aiming System

I figured this out after watching some of the best Pool players on the planet playing in Pool tournament's and paying very close attention to their stroke and watching what their eyes were doing during each stroke of the cue.
They use what I call the loop stroke and you won't read about it in any book on playing pool written by pro pool players or any one else. Why, because if the game of pool was how you made your living and you discovered an aiming secret that only very few pool players know about, would you want to tell your opponents about it?

This is not easy to explain but the easiest way for me to explain it is to break it down, step by step, in order of execution so here it goes.  

#1  As you stroke the cue, the arm that is holding the cue is going to   make a circular motion causing the tip of the cue to move up and down, and at the same time, it is also moving forward and backward.

#2  Get a cue and follow this order in sequence. hold the cue as you normally would, with your bridge hand about 7 or 9 inches from the cue tip, the tip is about a 1/2 inch from the cue ball and the but end of the cue is raised up a few inches from a normal level cue. You are now at the forward stroke.

#3  Now first start to slowly move the but of the cue down until the cue is almost level with the table, As you do this you will see the tip of the cue move up, (This is the key part you are looking for). Now as you see the tip moving up your eyes are moving from the cue ball to the object ball and you are visualizing the path of the cue ball moving forward to your ghost ball aiming point on the object ball.

(At this point your stroking arm is down, your tip is up and your eyes are forward.)  

#4 Now start moving your stroking arm back and when you get to the back of your stroke you can now move your eyes back to the cue ball.

#5  Now start moving your stroking arm up, then forward all the way to about 1/2 inch from the cue ball, at the same time your eyes are watching the tip of the cue moving forward. You are now at the same position as in step #1. Now you just keep making several strokes until you have your aim point dialed in the way you want it, then go to the last step #6.

#6  Ok, now you have the shot perfectly lined up, now pause for a few seconds with your cue forward about 1/2 inch from the cue ball, your eyes are now focused on the ghost ball aiming point on the cue ball. Now you can take a normal level stroke, straight back and then straight forward, follow through and stay down. (DO NOT JUMP UP ON THE SHOT)